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1 John | Living in the Light
pt 2: Walking in the Light

This week Krystal Hawkins taught us from 1 John chapter 1 about walking in the light. Where there is light, there cannot be darkness. The light that comes from being in a relationship with Jesus includes our relationship with him, but it also includes our relationships with one another. Being in the light is a reflection of our walk with the Lord, and if we are walking in the light, it is impossible for his glory to not radiate from us. We have to be willing to take an active part in letting his light into our lives to renovate our hearts and shine into the dark places, but if we are willing to embrace that journey, with Him in control, we can step into a life full of his glorious light.

1 John | Living in the Light
pt 3: Who's the Boss?

In our discussion of 1 John, this week, we discussed chapter 2 verses 1-6. In these verses, we learn that Jesus fulfills many roles in our lives if we allow him to. He is our advocate; his sacrifice allows us to walk in the freedom that he promises us. He is our commander; his commandments come from a heart that is full of love for us, and if we can follow those commands, (or try to) he can pour his love into us so that we may pour that love into others. Finally, he is our guide; when we follow in his footsteps, ask him for guidance, and go where he guides us, we can be in the light and free from the darkness.

1 John | Living in the Light
pt 4: The New old Commandment

This week, Bob Spencer spoke about the commandment from 1 John 2:7-11. This commandment is a simple one that is throughout the Old and New Testament. John reminds us of the commandment to love one another. There is a temptation to create categories for people we deem “unloveable” to excuse ourselves from following this command fully, but the commandment and example from Jesus are clear, love one another without abandon.

1 John | Living in the Light
pt 5: The Father's Love

This week, we discussed 1 John 2:12-17. John is encouraging readers to remember what anchors them, and how vital they are to one another. When the enemy comes to tempt us with desires of the eyes, flesh, and pride, John says we should find all that we need in God, and to link arms with one another so that we aren’t fighting the battles alone. 

1 John | Living in the Light
pt 6: Abide in Truth

Today we explore John's warning about antichrists and false teaching. He gives us clear direction on avoiding these errors, and a firm foundation of Spirit and Truth to stand on that we may abide in the truth of Jesus. We don’t have to be fearful, but we should be prepared. Let’s purpose to abide in truth so that we may remain anchored in Christ. 

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