Jesus came to Earth on a mission from God the Father to become the sacrifice that would lead to redemption. The Old Testament had predicted his life, death, and resurrection, and Jesus Himself spoke of his fate. He was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb, but that was not the end of His story. After three days, He rose again and restored the holiness of the temple which He now represented. Because of this, death, sorrow, and grief are now temporary for his followers, but joy and peace are eternal.

Easter - "The Borrowed Tomb"

As we took time to reflect on the life of our church for the past 6 years, we are reminded that through our ups and downs, God has always provided. Grace Chapel Knoxville has gone through many stages and changes, but God always remains faithful. Therefore, as we look ahead to what the Lord has next for our body, we remember what the Psalmist said in Psalm 25; we want to take refuge in Him, be preserved by our integrity, and keep our eyes ever toward the Lord.

6th Anniversary - Faith, Fear & Focus

Sunday we are joined by special guest speaker, Karen Ellison. Karen shares with us her testimony and the wonderful story of her ministry, Deeper Still, that brings the hope and healing of Jesus to people's lives who have been touched by abortion, and how we can develop a culture of life and a culture of healing.

Special Guest: Karen Ellison

Today we are spending some time reflecting on the importance and benefits of living in community with the family of God. In Water Baptism we are identifying ourselves with Christ’s family by making a bold public declaration of our commitment and obedience to Jesus. And in our Lifegroups we are committing ourselves to live life among the family of God thru loving Jesus-centered relationships. May we all find our lives enriched by the glorious grace of Jesus through communion with Him and His family! 

Living in Community