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On Sunday, we did our yearly church update and spent time looking back in gratitude and looking ahead in anticipation! Join us as we prayerfully commit this year to the Lord and humbly submit our plans to His will. May we all walk in awareness of His guiding presence and live in joyful obedience to Jesus this year.

Yearly Update - Jan 2023

This week we had the privilege of hearing from Valerie Bellamy with Compassion First about the powerful work they are doing to care for precious people impacted by trafficking in Indonesia. This is the organization that our own Andrew and Dira Soreano will be serving with as they head out on the mission field in early 2023. Valerie encouraged us to follow our Good Shepherd Jesus in pursuing the one lost sheep; may we all be attentive and responsive to who Jesus is calling us to pursue with his love! 

For more information on Compassion First and how you can support Andrew and Dira Soreano you can follow these links: 

Special Guest, Valerie Bellamy, of Compassion First

Today we heard from two beloved ministries: Donna Boone & Julio, from Josiah's House, shared an update from the Dominican Republic and Andrew & Dira Soreano shared their upcoming opportunity to serve in Indonesia with Compassion First.

The Church on Mission


This week, we had a family meeting focused on the importance of investing in relationships in church community and the significance of water baptism. We also gave several important updates regarding our Kid's Ministry and key ways we can participate as we grow and reach our community. 

Our Church Community

Today we had the privilege of hearing from our good friends Andrew and Dira Soreano as they shared their opportunity to serve in Indonesia. May we all faithfully pray for our friends as they pursue serving on the mission field, and be encouraged to invest our lives in God’s Kingdom purposes.

Jesus came to Earth on a mission from God the Father to become the sacrifice that would lead to redemption. The Old Testament had predicted his life, death, and resurrection, and Jesus Himself spoke of his fate. He was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb, but that was not the end of His story. After three days, He rose again and restored the holiness of the temple which He now represented. Because of this, death, sorrow, and grief are now temporary for his followers, but joy and peace are eternal.

Easter - "The Borrowed Tomb"

Special Guest: Karen Ellison

Sunday we are joined by special guest speaker, Karen Ellison. Karen shares with us her testimony and the wonderful story of her ministry, Deeper Still, that brings the hope and healing of Jesus to people's lives who have been touched by abortion, and how we can develop a culture of life and a culture of healing.

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