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A Mother's Day Blessing

This week we honored mothers by remembering the story of Jesus, his mother, and John in John 19:26-27. Jesus honored his mother, even in his suffering, by acknowledging her suffering and entrusting John into her care. Jesus recognized that John needed a spiritual mother and Mary would be blessed by being able to pour into John. Spiritual mothers and fathers are a vital part of the walk of every Christian, and so we should be eager to step into that role for someone else and find that spiritual parent for ourselves. 

Clothed from Above

Following Resurrection Sunday, we continued our discussion on the clothing that Jesus wore during His death and resurrection, but also what we are clothed in once we decide to become His followers. This week we reflected on how we are clothed from above, with new life, wisdom, and power. The garments that the Lord has for us are good and perfect, but we often try to just choose the pieces we want or think we need. Our savior was clothed in humility so that we may be clothed in new life and power. May we step into those garments and leave behind the rags we have been wearing. 

Easter Sunday

This week we celebrated our risen, Savior, Jesus, and explored what his clothes told us about him and his character. We see the humility and sacrifice of Jesus, as he lays aside his garments to wash his disciples’ feet. Through the story of the woman who is healed by touching his garment, we see that Jesus uses his power and authority, not for his own gain, but to love and serve humanity. And, as Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes, as a child, we see the creator of the universe wrapped in the frailty of humanity, that he might lay down his life for us. Jesus took on the garments of humanity, laying aside his divinity, in order that we might be clothed with salvation! 

THe Road to Palm Sunday

As Jesus began his journey towards Jerusalem and ultimately the cross, he had several significant encounters along the way. May we see Jesus inviting us into his true riches, glory, and healing. As followers of Jesus let’s be purposeful to engage in what might seem to be interruptions, in order to share Jesus with people in need.

Love Is

Pastor Dave Buehring joined us this Sunday and delivered a great word based on Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. We walked step by step through this encouraging and challenging passage found in chapter 13 that defines God’s love and how we ought to love one another. May we all open our hearts to the Lord and allow him to reveal, reconcile, and redeem our love for Him and one another.

Visin Sundy Audi

Vision Sunday 2024

This week, we spent time celebrating the previous year, looking ahead to some plans for this year, and sharing an update on church finances and the remodel project for our new church home. We hope this is encouraging and equipping for all of us as we step into this next season together. As a church family, let’s humbly and prayerfully submit our plans and our ways to the Lord in this new year!

Haggai - Consider your Ways:
Pt. 2

In part 2 of our mini-series on the book of Haggai, we shift our focus from the prophet’s call to self-reflection, to an exploration of who our God is. His ways are so good, from His faithful presence and commitment to fulfill His promises, to the cleansing, protection, and provision we have in him. May our prayer be, “Oh Lord, we look to you and consider your ways toward us.”

Haggai - Consider your Ways: Pt.1

This week we discussed the first chapter in the book of Haggai. The people of Israel had finally been allowed to return to their homeland after many years of exile and rebuild God’s temple. Almost immediately, the people encountered opposition and the project was halted. At the beginning of Haggai, the Lord is encouraging his people (through Haggai) to consider their ways. How they had spent their time and money on their own homes, but His temple lay incomplete and neglected. As our church is entering a new season with our own building project, we want to make sure we are always considering where our priorities and attention lie.

Number our Days - NYE Service

This week we explore Psalm 90, a psalm of Moses. As we begin the new year, it’s a great time to reflect and seek the Lord regarding our need for help, deliverance, and guidance. As Moses reminds us, we have a loving and faithful God whom we can call on and trust. May you be blessed in this new year as you seek and submit your life to Jesus. 

BBQ & Baptisms

Today you’ll get a glimpse of our BBQ & Baptisms event, where we celebrated God’s faithfulness and his provision! You’ll hear from Pastor David, of the Lord’s Chapel, and from Pastor Jake.

The Presence of a Father

On Sunday, we heard from Bob Spencer on how important the Father’s presence is to His children. This applies to our earthly fathers and our Heavenly Father. We learned that one of the key roles of a father is to teach his kids in all things.

Seasons of Waiting

This week we took a brief break from our Joshua series, as Pastor Dave Buehring brought a challenging and encouraging word about how to walk in a season of waiting. God wants to use these times to strength our dependence on Him, align our hearts in unity around His purposes, and teach us to trust in His perfect timing. We pray you will be encouraged by this message from our dear friend Pastor Dave. 

This Sunday, we had the great privilege to commission our dear friends and ministry partners Andrew and Dira Soreano, and their beautiful family, as they move to Indonesia. We spent lots of time and tears as we shared words and scriptures and prayed over them. If you were unable to join us in person this week, we pray that you are blessed by this service and ask that you join us in ongoing prayer and support of the Soreanos.

Soreano Indonesia Send-Off


Special Guest, Valerie Bellamy, of Compassion First

This week we had the privilege of hearing from Valerie Bellamy with Compassion First about the powerful work they are doing to care for precious people impacted by trafficking in Indonesia. This is the organization that our own Andrew and Dira Soreano will be serving with as they head out on the mission field in early 2023. Valerie encouraged us to follow our Good Shepherd Jesus in pursuing the one lost sheep; may we all be attentive and responsive to who Jesus is calling us to pursue with his love! 

For more information on Compassion First and how you can support Andrew and Dira Soreano you can follow these links: 

Today we had the privilege of hearing from our good friends Andrew and Dira Soreano as they shared their opportunity to serve in Indonesia. May we all faithfully pray for our friends as they pursue serving on the mission field, and be encouraged to invest our lives in God’s Kingdom purposes.

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