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The Hidden Kingdom - Pt 1: "The Master" 

We kicked off a new sermon series this Sunday exploring Jesus' primary message to us “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” In this series, we will be exploring what it means to live in the kingdom of God. Jesus told us it was a narrow path that few find, and yet it was open and available to all. Today we discuss Jesus' role as our master - teaching, guiding, and empowering us to live as his apprentices in life! 

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt 2: "Follow the Way" 

God made us to live and rule in a wonderful environment, enjoying the benefits of a good life with him as our guide. Now in our sin-soaked world, his plan still hasn’t changed, but the way to this kind of life is hidden from many of us. In today’s sermon, we explore Jesus as our way back home and discover the awesome power of living life to the fullest even in a hostile world. May we purpose to follow him and discover the kingdom of God in our midst. 

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt 3: "The Parable of the Good Samaritan" 

The parable of The Good Samaritan is familiar to most people who have spent time in church, however, this week, Andrew helped us take a deeper dive into what it really means to love your neighbor as yourself. The true and generous love from the Father flows out of us when we meet Him with a heart of total devotion, and with that overflow, the inconvenience of helping others becomes the most convenient thing because love becomes our highest priority.

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt 4: "Changed by Truth" 

When Jesus calls us to follow him, he intends for us to change and grow as we walk with him. Throughout the gospels, Jesus makes it clear that this will be a difficult process, but that it's exactly what we need. Let’s purpose to answer love’s invitation to change, by embracing truth and learning to co-operate with the growth and change we all need! 

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt 5: "Living on Mission" 

In today’s sermon, we explore Jesus’ call for us to live on mission with Him. In Matthew 28 we see Jesus' final words to his followers where he gives a clear directive of his plan for us to live with purpose, awareness, and power to reach the world with the good news of the kingdom. May we all be intentional as followers of Jesus to live on mission with Him! 

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt 6: "Thy Kingdom Come" 

In today’s sermon, we explore the important role that prayer plays in helping us to participate in God’s Hidden Kingdom. Jesus lived his life fully grasping the purpose of prayer and therefore giving it a high place in his daily life. Thankfully we can learn from his example, and receive the wonderful gift he has given us so that we can experience the power of a life connected with God. 

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt 7: "Kingdom Curiosity" 

As we continue our journey exploring the hidden nature of God’s Kingdom, we spend time focusing on how important it is to develop a healthy sense of curiosity in our relationship with Jesus. The biggest difference between Jesus' disciples, and all the other folks who witnessed His life, miracles, and teachings - was that Jesus' followers were hungry to understand what he was all about. Many people had good news right in front of them but missed it because they were unable to truly understand what Jesus had to offer. It wasn’t about their level of intelligence or even their spiritual acumen - it just boiled down to where they focused their attention. Will we purpose to behold Jesus and discover the riches of His kingdom? 

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt 8: "Be REady" 

In the sermon this week, we focus on one of Jesus primary concerns between Palm Sunday and Good Friday. Jesus spent time with his followers emphasizing the need for them to be ready - ready for his second coming, ready for the challenges they would face while they waited, and ultimately the call to be ready to minister to a world in need. May we all be ready to participate in Jesus present activity while we receive strength and patience from him as we await his victorious return!

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt 9: "bearing fruit" 

In this week’s message, we explore the parable of the soils that Jesus told in Matthew 13. Jesus describes several ways that we can be ripped off from truly understanding the life-giving words of His kingdom, Instead, He offers a way forward that will produce a fruitful life if we purpose to truly integrate His words into our lives. May we all gain a true understanding of His Kingdom’s power and availability to set us free from the empty kingdoms of this world.  

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt. 10: "People of peace" 

In this week’s sermon, we discuss Matthew chapter 10 when Jesus sends out the 12 disciples to share the good news of the kingdom. Jesus gives them some very practical instructions on how to be intentional in sharing the gospel that we would do well to learn from. Jesus calls us to be carriers of the gospel of peace and to spend time investing in those whose lives are open to us. May we learn to be safe and wise as we pour into the lives of others. 

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt. 11: "Light of life" 

Jesus is the light of the world, and he invites us all to experience the life-changing power of his light. May we all find the courage to step into the light that exposes things hidden in the dark, calls to life seeds Jesus wants to grow in us, and ultimately may we find our place with Jesus as a light to a world lost in darkness. 

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt. 12: "Peacemakers" 

This week, we explore the difficult topic of loving our enemies. One of the most challenging things Jesus calls us to do is to walk in forgiveness and love our enemies. Let’s learn from him how to have steadfast love, to experience the power of forgiveness, and to learn how to pray for those who hurt us. May God grant us the faith we need to love others well, and to grow more like our perfect Father as a result. 

The Hidden Kingdom - Pt. 13: "A little Leaven" 

In today’s sermon, we wrap up this series by considering Jesus' parable of God's Kingdom being like leaven. Let’s consider what truly has a ruling influence in our lives - is it Jesus’ kingdom or something else? May we discover how to be aware of what is truly influencing our lives, and have the ability to see clearly enough to help others bound by the false kingdoms of this world.

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