In today’s sermon we are launching our year long journey through the Bible together. We spent some time casting some vision for spending a year focused on God’s Word, and then discussed some practical ways you can participate. We are believing for God to do great things in our midst as we get to know Him better. Let’s take time to hear and understand God’s Story. 


This Sunday we spend some time reflecting on Matthew’s Gospel, and Jesus as the promised King who has come. Throughout Jesus' life he shows us what his kingdom is like through both his words and actions, and he invites us to participate in this Kingdom. May we discover the beauty of life in the Kingdom of God, as we allow his life to permeate our own! 

In today’s sermon, we explore the story found in Mark 5:1-20 of Jesus freeing a man with an unclean spirit. It is a strange and unsettling story of a deranged man, a multitude of demons, and a large herd of pigs who are drowned in the sea. Yet in the midst of this dis-orienting story, we can discover much about the forces of power that we still encounter in our day. May God give us clarity and hope as we explore the presence and power of fear and evil, and the greater power of Grace that is available to help set the captives free! 

This week we welcome our friend and mentor, Pastor Dave Buehring, from Franklin, TN, to share a 2-part series from the Gospel of Luke. This week, Pastor Dave shares from Luke 4 on the temptation of Jesus. We will look closer at the temptations and their context, and how we might walk in freedom from the threats of temptations from the enemy, just like Jesus.

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