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the Bible 20/20: Launch Sunday

In today’s sermon we are launching our year long journey through the Bible together. We spent some time casting some vision for spending a year focused on God’s Word, and then discussed some practical ways you can participate. We are believing for God to do great things in our midst as we get to know Him better. Let’s take time to hear and understand God’s Story. 


the Bible 20/20 - week 35: "The King Is Here"

This Sunday we spend some time reflecting on Matthew’s Gospel, and Jesus as the promised King who has come. Throughout Jesus' life he shows us what his kingdom is like through both his words and actions, and he invites us to participate in this Kingdom. May we discover the beauty of life in the Kingdom of God, as we allow his life to permeate our own! 

the Bible 20/20 - week 36: "Of Pigs And Men"

In today’s sermon, we explore the story found in Mark 5:1-20 of Jesus freeing a man with an unclean spirit. It is a strange and unsettling story of a deranged man, a multitude of demons, and a large herd of pigs who are drowned in the sea. Yet in the midst of this dis-orienting story, we can discover much about the forces of power that we still encounter in our day. May God give us clarity and hope as we explore the presence and power of fear and evil, and the greater power of Grace that is available to help set the captives free! 

the Bible 20/20 - week 37: "The Gospel of Luke - Pt. 1"

This week we welcome our friend and mentor, Pastor Dave Buehring, from Franklin, TN, to share a 2-part series from the Gospel of Luke. This week, Pastor Dave shares from Luke 4 on the temptation of Jesus. We will look closer at the temptations and their context, and how we might walk in freedom from the threats of temptations from the enemy, just like Jesus.

the Bible 20/20 - week 38: "The Gospel of Luke - Pt. 2"

This week Pastor Dave Buehring joins us again and shares Part-2 of his sermon in the Gospel of Luke on the Kingdom of Heaven.

the Bible 20/20 - week 40: "Like Precious Faith"

Today we explore a couple stories found in John’s Gospel and see the powerful role that faith plays to bring healing and growth in our lives. Through moments of crisis - like suffering, loss, doubt, and failure - Jesus works to produce grace and peace in our hearts. May we experience Jesus as our anchor in the various seasons of this life, and may we grow in faith in order to receive life and healing in Him! 

the Bible 20/20 - week 41: "The Promised Land"

This Sunday we begin the book of Acts and spend some time exploring the essential role that the Holy Spirit has in our lives. May we all be bold enough to step into new territory, experiencing the power and presence of God’s Kingdom in our lives, and choosing to share that life with a world in need. 

the Bible 20/20 - week 42: "Kingdom Politics"

This week as we explore the second half of the book of Acts, we have a lot to learn from Paul and how he used his platform to spread the message of Jesus' Kingdom. Whether in the voting booth, interacting on social media, or just in private conversations, our political stance should always be dictated by our allegiance to our eternal King. May we all learn to use our voice and influence to focus on faithfully living and sharing the Good News of Jesus our Lord! 

the Bible 20/20 - week 43: "The Power of the Gospel"

This Sunday we started a series that will last several weeks as we begin to read through the NT letters to the church. There is a huge need in our day for the church to rediscover the power of God in our midst. This week as we work through Paul’s letter to the Romans, we explore the power of the gospel - how we have gotten off track, and how we ought to respond to God and see hope come to a world in desperate need. 

the Bible 20/20 - week 44: "The Power of Love"

This week we explore the ever-important topic of God’s Love. It’s so essential for the church today to define love the way God does, and then to grow and mature into the people of love God is calling us to be. The health of the church; and the hope of a world in need are at stake, so let’s purpose to love God and love people as Jesus taught us! 

the Bible 20/20 - week 45: "The Power of Community"

This Sunday we are exploring the power of living in Christian Community. In our churches today it has become common to love the idea of being in “real relationship" and yet we hold each other at arm's length, approach relationships from a selfish mindset, or walk away as soon as things get tough. Paul offers us an alternative perspective in his letters to the Corinthian church. He contends that we are too easily influenced by the culture around us and our own immaturity and that living as ministers of reconciliation is the pathway to healthy relationships and our own spiritual growth as followers of Jesus. 

the Bible 20/20 - week 46: "The Power of Grace"

This week we explore the Power of Grace as we dive into Paul’s letters to the Galatian and Ephesian churches. All that Jesus is calling us into and longs fur us to enjoy are possible because of His Grace. God’s Grace is directly accessed through a personal relationship with Him. His very presence in our lives brings Grace that empowers us to be free, to grow and be fruitful, and to walk in victory. Let’s not settle for anything less than Amazing Grace!

the Bible 20/20 - week 47: "The Power of Hope"

Our world is in desperate need of hope. Not some pie in the sky wishful thinking in order to cope in a hard world, but instead something solid and lasting that can offer real hope in the midst of life’s difficulties. As we discuss in today’s sermon, Jesus is the only source of true lasting hope. We can discover this hope as we trust in the promise of heaven, believe in the glorious work Jesus is doing in us, and cooperate with Him to live a fruitful life sharing this hope with a world in need. 

the Bible 20/20 - week 48: "The Power of Leadership"

Thanks for joining us this week as we explore Paul’s second letter to Timothy. There is a great need in the church for people to step into their God given areas of influence with real purpose. In this letter, Paul emphasizes some key aspects of leadership that we would do well to walk in. We are all called to have Kingdom influence in our lives, so let’s purpose to tend our faith, pour into others, and be rooted in gospel truth. 

the Bible 20/20 - week 49: "The Power of Rest"

This Sunday we dove into the book of Hebrews and explored how Jesus as our perfect and eternal High Priest has provided rest for us. So much of our life can be wrapped up in striving - to face our own sin and struggles, to grapple with the difficulties of the world around us, even just to maintain and endure during hard seasons. Yet, Jesus offers us peace and hope in the midst of the storms of this life. As Hebrews 6:19-20 says, Jesus has gone before us into the holy place as an anchor for our souls - may we find comfort and rest in the presence of God now and always!

the Bible 20/20 - week 50: "The Power of Revelation"

This Sunday we explore the topic of revelation - the power and importance of seeing Jesus for who he really is. There is an eternal promise for us in Jesus that can renew our strength to endure as we await His return.  There is also a work of revelation that God is doing in our lives right now, and though painful at the moment, it is sure to produce something glorious. So, as followers of Jesus, let’s be purposeful to allow His light to shine through our lives, so that others lost in darkness may have a life-changing revelation too!

the Bible 20/20 - week 52: "Who is Worthy"

This Sunday we completed our year-long series of walking through the Bible together. As we dove into the Book of Revelation, we focused on the primary message of this letter from John - beholding Jesus. In past, present, and future Jesus stands as our reigning King, may we faithfully endure and worship Him at all times in every season.

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