In today’s sermon we are launching our year long journey through the Bible together. We spent some time casting some vision for spending a year focused on God’s Word, and then discussed some practical ways you can participate. We are believing for God to do great things in our midst as we get to know Him better. Let’s take time to hear and understand God’s Story. 

While the story of Noah and the ark is familiar to most people, it is easy to forget the magnitude of its implications. God, in His perfect love for mankind, couldn’t bear to allow His creation to continue to destroy itself. The flood is a hard story, but if we look a little deeper, we can see our need for grace and another reminder of the importance of Jesus’ work on the cross for each one of us.

Through Abraham and his family, we see God working to pour out blessing on the entire human family. While we continually fall short in our journey of faith, God’s faithfulness toward us remains steadfast. In Genesis 15 we see a picture of how committed God is to bless us, and in Jesus we see the ultimate fulfillment of God’s covenant to bless and redeem mankind. If we put our faith in Jesus, we become members of the family of God and heirs of the promise. 

We had the privilege of hearing from our dear friend Pastor Dave Buehring this week as he explored the life of Moses and the story of the Exodus. God is constantly revealing His character to us, with a heart to turn us towards Him and bring redemption. As we look at the life of Moses, we can see how the Lord saves us, shapes us, and sends us to accomplish His purposes.

At first glance, the story of the Israelites in the desert can feel distant and difficult to relate to our current situations, but  if we take a step back, we can see that the issues that the Israelites struggled with are still pervasive in our culture. However, by openly expressing our gratitude, surrender, and striving for purity, we can shape our lives and stories into lives that are in communion with God instead of constant grumbling against Him. 

At first glance, the story of the Israelites in the desert can feel distant and difficult to relate to our current situations, but  if we take a step back, we can see that the issues that the Israelites struggled with are still pervasive in our culture. However, by openly expressing our gratitude, surrender, and striving for purity, we can shape our lives and stories into lives that are in communion with God instead of constant grumbling against Him. 

The Israelites had been promised a land over flowing with milk and honey, and it was time for them to send spies into the land to prepare to take it, but when the report came back, all but two of the spies did not believe they would be able to secure God’s promised gift. However, Caleb and Joshua trusted God’s abilities and plans were greater than the obstacles they faced. Faith takes courage; we must be willing to face the reality of our situation, see the opportunities, and trust God for the victory He has promised to us.

We are all on our own personal journeys of faith, and often we forget that we are a part of a bigger picture of God’s plans. In the beginning of Deuteronomy, we learn about Moses’ time as the leader of Israel coming to an end. His journey with these people was a difficult and rocky road, but Moses wanted to remind the people of the legacy left by the generations before them, how to navigate the obstacles ahead of them, and how to maintain success and avoid complacency. These are lessons that Jesus also restates when He is tempted in the wilderness. This week, we learned about these lessons and why it is so important to run our own race with intention and diligently looking to the Lord for our guidance. 

As Moses neared the end of his life, he challenged the people of Israel to look ahead to their time in the promised land and to look up by trusting God and the promises He made to them. Moses began His adventure with God crippled by fear, but as his life came to an end, we can see how his trust in God had changed his outlook on life completely. Moses chose to take on the life that God offered him and, in the end, declared to his people that their God was worth knowing and fully trusting.

This past week we read through the Book of Joshua and on Sunday we took a look at Caleb's life. 

In today’s message, we take a look at the time of the Judges and the terrible tragedy that marked this season of Israel’s history. May it serve as both a warning for us and a reminder that we have a great Deliverer and Redeemer who provides for us in all seasons. 

In this week’s sermon, we explore a key difference between King Saul and King David as it relates to worshipping God. How can we become people for whom worship is a way of life, instead of an occasional experience when we gather together? We pray that the Lord will speak to you through this message and that we could hear His invitation into a meaningful life of worship. 

Today we explore several Bible prophecies that Jesus fulfilled on Palm Sunday about 2,000 years ago. Let's consider the impact and relevance for us today when we truly appreciate the accomplishment of such specific and powerful promises. God’s past faithfulness should encourage us that we can trust in Him during our present circumstances and the seemingly uncertain future that is in His more than capable hands.

This week we take a look at a difficult yet important story found in 2 Kings chapters 6-7 about a really brutal time in Israel’s history. The northern kingdom of Israel is in trouble, their capital city Samaria is under siege, and things are getting incredibly desperate. What can we do when we are stuck, surrounded by an enemy and we can’t seem to escape? In today’s sermon, we discuss how the Lord wants to speak truth, inspire hope, and fill us with courage so we can find freedom. 

In this week’s sermon, we take a look at King David who ran a faithful yet imperfect race over the course of his life. He was a man after God’s own heart, but also made several huge mistakes that had devastating consequences. Today we explore a key moment of failure in his life so we can learn from his mistakes and his humble repentance. May we all have David’s perspective to recognize our God who, in our moment of failure, is full of mercy and offers the grace of His abiding presence. 

This Sunday we explore the life of King Jehoshaphat, and a couple of important battles he found himself in. Whether he made a mistake in forming a wrong alliance with King Ahab, or he faced the enemy that came to his doorstep, we see his faithful heart towards God, and the grace of God to deliver him from trouble and bring peace, even in the most difficult circumstances. May we all learn to fight the real battle God is calling us to and see Him move strongly on our behalf as we walk with Him! 

Special guest and friend, Pastor Dave Buehring, shares from the book of Ezra (Chp 7 & 8).

In today’s sermon, we explore the story of Queen Esther and take a look at the importance of recognizing God’s providence in our lives while making choices to live with purpose. Often, the issue of God’s Sovereignty is viewed as being in contrast with whether to not we have the ability to make free will decisions, but the truth is that in Jesus these two work together in beautiful unison. The question is - will we choose to trust God and live with courage in "such a time as this”?

In today's sermon, we take a look at the life of Job and discover his uncommon faith in the midst of both suffering and success. We pray that you will be challenged and encouraged this week as we look to Job’s example for guidance on how to walk through even the most difficult seasons of life with Jesus. 

This week we discuss the book of Proverbs, and the wisdom God offers us. Now more than ever we need the wisdom to live well, love others, experience hope, and discover real solutions for a world in need. Jesus is the ultimate source of wisdom that changes lives and helps us navigate even the most difficult circumstances in this life. Let’s embrace wisdom as a life long journey of growth and discovery, and may we receive the Spirit of wisdom from our God who offers it willing! 

In today’s sermon, we discuss the nature of our citizenship. We are members of the human race, and as Christians, we are ambassadors of a heavenly kingdom. How can we learn to live in a broken world without becoming bitter, indifferent, or overwhelmed? By the power of Jesus in our lives, we can learn to hate what’s broken in this world and love it enough to help change it.

This week we explore Isaiah 6 and the impact of spending time in God’s presence. Being in God’s Presence is always essential, but especially in painful, difficult, and transitional moments. We take a look at how His presence is revealing, purifying, and inspiring.

In this Sunday's message, we explore how God’s presence empowers us to be equipped to deal with the inevitable battles we face. This is part one of a two-week series exploring the armor described in Ephesians 6 through the lens of the prophet Isaiah’s beautiful depictions of God’s truth, justice, and the perfect peace that He alone can provide. 

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