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Steadfast - Pt 1: Introduction to James

Growing in faith and maturity is crucial to our walk as Christians, but the steps to get us there can be painful and scary sometimes. In the first week of our discussion of James, we discuss the need for struggles and trials in our lives to help foster and grow our faith. We also learned that there are sometimes obstacles that hinder growth if we divert our gaze and belief from the one true source of stability in Christ. Most importantly, we are reminded of the hope that we always have in Christ Jesus, and that throughout any hardships that come in life, we can always look to our firm foundation in Him.

Steadfast - Pt 2: Undefiled

James instructs believers to be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger. However, that is the opposite of how the Church looks in America today. We are quick to identify when we are wronged or believe that someone should be doing something differently, and we are slow to realize how we should be modifying our own behavior to look more like Jesus. This week we discussed the value of slowing down, looking into ourselves, and allowing Jesus to be in control of how we react to those around us. 

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