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Startled by Grace: Part 1

Week one of the series “Startled by Grace” is a reminder of the overwhelming compassion and love that our creator has for us, and through a familiar story, we see the first demonstration of God’s grace in Scripture. Often we are so quick to become numb to the most awe-inspiring things around us: the mountains, a sunset, and the face of a child. Just as we can become calloused to those incredible things, if we aren’t careful, we can also forget how incredibly awesome the grace of God is.

Startled by Grace: Part 2

 "Grace for the Humble"

In week two of the series “Startled by Grace” we explore the importance of having a full picture of the gospel of grace, and the massive role that humility plays in experiencing the grace of God in our lives. While it is tempting to only think about the joy and peace that comes with the gift of grace, it is important to remember the real impact that sin and death have. If we can keep these real and damaging consequences in mind, we can fully share the depth of the importance of the gift of grace, and how it should be a part of our daily walk.

Startled by Grace: Part 3

 "a New World"

In week three of the series “Startled by Grace” we look at how God’s grace brings us resurrection life in Christ. He invites us to worship Him and enter into the adventure of life with Him, and when we receive that gift of life, we are able to pour His grace out to others. 

Startled by Grace: Part 4 "stories of grace - Manuel bento"

As we continue in our series “Startled by Grace” we will have several members of our church family share their personal stories of grace. This week our friend Manuel Bento shared about God’s love and grace in his personal life in Mozambique, and through the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus. We hope you are encouraged by this story of God’s Grace! 

Startled by Grace: Part 5

"daily grace"

In week 5 of the series “Startled by Grace” we discuss living in and enjoying daily grace. Being startled by grace is waking up everyday to the good news that God’s never-ending grace offers us. He wants to join us on our journeys and provide grace, but it often (always) requires us to step out in faith.

Startled by Grace: Part 6

"Stories of grace - Grant & Christina Marhsall "

In week 6 of the series “Startled by Grace” we heard a powerful story from our dear friends Grant and Christina Marshall. They did an incredible job sharing how the Lord brought them comfort and joy in the midst of hardship and loss. We hope you are encouraged by this story of God’s Grace! 

Startled by Grace: Part 7

"Enduring Grace "

There are times in life when grace is immediate and obvious, but there are also times when difficulties seem to last longer than we think we can endure. God’s grace allows us to make it through those difficulties, but it is up to us to pray His word in the Spirit in order to gain strength and maturity in our faith.

This week in our series “Startled by Grace” we hear from our friend Vikas Mehta about how the grace of Jesus redeemed his life, and how God has guided him from India, to Hong Kong, and ultimately to Knoxville. We are praying you will be blessed through this powerful testimony of the love & grace of Jesus!

Startled by Grace: Part 8 "stories of grace - Vikas Mehta"

Startled by Grace: Part 9 "Overcoming grace"

In week 9 of the series “Startled by Grace” we discuss how God gives us grace to live victoriously! We can often face unwanted battles that can take us by surprise, but God calls us to engage in the battle and trust Him for help and victory. 

Startled by Grace: Part 10 "Stories of Grace - David & Katie Kelley"

This week in our series “Startled by Grace” we hear a powerful testimony from our friends David & Katie Kelley of hope, victory and practicing gratitude while in a hard season and waiting on God to fulfill his promise. We pray you are encouraged and blessed through their powerful story and journey. 

In week 11 of the series “Startled by Grace” we hear a message from our good friend and local pastor of The Calling, Jereme Jeane. In this sermon Pastor Jereme teaches about the House of Grace we are all invited to live in. As the forgiven and loved children of God, we are now called to pass along this grace by practicing radical forgiveness, because that’s exactly what we have received.

Startled by Grace: Part 11 "A House of grace"

Startled by Grace: Part 12 "Grace for All"

In week 12 of “Startled by Grace”, Pastor Jake wraps up the series. This week we hear that God’s grace is for everyone, the outsider and the insider. We look at two examples from King David’s life. We all are in need of God’s grace and he openly invites us all to partake.

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