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Remodel - Part 1:

“we are his temple”

We begin a new series this week exploring the important role that prayer plays in the development and growth of our relationship with God and the transformation of our lives. Today we look at several passages that teach us that we are the true temple in which God longs to dwell, and are warned about potential obstacles that can keep us from inviting His presence into our lives to do as He pleases. May we all be committed to meeting God in the prayer closet, and giving Him the keys to the rest of the house!

Remodel - Part 2:

“The power of prayer”

In Part 2 of our Remodel series we explore the first few verses of the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus teaches us the importance of understanding our position, giving God permission to be in charge, and looking to Him for daily provision. Our prayer life should be rooted in humble adoration that leads to a life of surrender and devotion so we can be filled, sustained, and strengthened by the daily bread God has for us.

Remodel - Part 3:

“Cleaning House”

As we wrap up this series, we turn once again to the Lord’s Prayer and discover what is available to us when we determine to allow Jesus to de-clutter our hearts. His invitation to give and receive forgiveness, and be delivered from temptation is a challenging yet rewarding way of life - leading to healing, freedom, and peace. 

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