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Linchpin: Part 1

This week we started a new series on the Book of Deuteronomy called “Linchpin.” In this series we will be taking a look at Moses' parting exhortation through the eyes of Jesus. In week one we discussed the importance of legacy, as our lives fit into a larger story of what God is doing across human history. To run our leg of the race well, we have to know what anchors our lives, and live accordingly. As we embark on this journey, may the words of John Maxwell be true of us, "Deuteronomy brings the power of the past to bear on the present, with an eye to the future. When this happens, Deuteronomy should come alive and breathe spiritual renewal into the personal histories of its readers."

Linchpin: Part 2 "Grab the Baton"

In week 2 of Linchpin: “Grab the Baton” we look at the importance of learning from the past. At the age of twelve Jesus was already asking important questions from the leaders of his parents generation. If we are to grow into the people God has called us to be, we have to be willing to learn from those who have gone before us. An honest look at history, with an attitude of humility will give us a firm foundation to run our race well.

Linchpin: Part 3 "Love God"

In week 3 of “Linchpin” our study through Deuteronomy, we discuss how the love of God is on display through his law! Often the Law can feel controlling, restrictive, and outdate, yet as Moses taught and Jesus affirmed God’s Law is a reflection of His love towards us. Let’s give God’s Law a second look, and see how it may serve to benefit us and glorify Him. 

Linchpin: Part 4 "Love People"

In week 4 of the Linchpin series, the backstory of the Good Samaritan parable gives us some understanding into how God views us, and why it is so important for us to intentionally love others. God’s love for us is not a passive emotion, it is active and living and so should our love be for all others around us, no matter how busy we make our lives.

Linchpin: Part 5 "Character Matters"

Trials and troubles come into our lives for different reasons, and it is tempting to blame God or turn from Him during those difficulties, but God wants to use those times to deepen our relationship with Him. Jesus was tempted by all the same types of things that still tempt us, but the foundation of scripture and his relationship with his father carried him through, as it still can for us.

Linchpin: Part 6 "Passing the Baton"

In the conclusion to our series on the book of Deuteronomy, we see the importance of passing on to others what we have received from God. Our legacy isn’t what we do at the end of our life; it’s the story we tell with our life. As followers of Jesus, we are called to give our life away to Jesus, pass the baton to others, and trust Him with an unseen future.

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