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In week one of the series, Just Give, we learn that God is a giver. Giving can be one of the most difficult topics in the church to discuss, but once we are able to adjust our thinking and give for the right reasons, God can use our resources to accomplish amazing things including healing our selfish hearts.

As we continue to discuss the topic of giving, this week we turn our hearts and minds to the topic of stewardship. Remembering that everything in this life is a gift from God, we are given the freedom to invest all that we have towards our heavenly future.

Week three of “Just Give” is about "the tithe." Tithing is discussed throughout scripture, and consistantly we are shown that God is not interested in our money, but in our hearts. Giving is not about God’s need for our money, but about our need for God to be allowed into every aspect of our lives.

In week four of our series on giving we discuss the topic of “Stewarding our Treasure.” God has called us to steward all He has given us with faithfulness and wisdom. In this message, we discuss the importance of making the decision to live as a steward, and then managing that decision everyday by obeying Jesus, and learning all the wisdom God has to share about managing our finances and possessions well. 

In week five of our series on giving we discuss the topic of “Stewarding our Time.” Our time is a gift from God, and a finite resource of this life. If we are not intentional about how we spend it, we can squander the limited amount that we have. God calls us be thoughtful and purposeful in allocating our time towards the things that are eternal and not the fleeting busyness of this world.

In week 6 of the series “Just Give,” Pastor Jake discusses the importance of being generous with our time. By examining Jesus’ life we are able to see that some of the most important moments for eternity can come when we are willing to slow down and be open to the people and situations that God brings into our path. 

Concluding our series “Just Give,” we are reminded that Jesus calls us to give Him our talents, so we can learn to love and serve others with them. We are often tempted to think that we are insufficient and don’t have what it takes, but Jesus reminds us that all we need is willingness, and he will fill in the places we may think are lacking.

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