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Joshua - Pt. 2: Stay

Growing in faith and maturity is crucial to our walk as Christians, but the steps to get us there can be painful and scary sometimes. In the first week of our discussion of James, we discuss the need for struggles and trials in our lives to help foster and grow our faith. We also learned that there are sometimes obstacles that hinder growth if we divert our gaze and belief from the one true source of stability in Christ. Most importantly, we are reminded of the hope that we always have in Christ Jesus, and that throughout any hardships that come in life, we can always look to our firm foundation in Him.

Joshua - Pt. 3: STARE

In today’s sermon we focus on the story found in Numbers 13-14, when 12 spies go into the promised land to bring back a report. God has given clear instruction that the land is good and He is giving it to them, yet an entire generation misses out on stepping into their heritage as a result of their response to the bad report they receive. May we learn to walk with our eyes fixed upon our faithful God and His promises, even when the obstacles appear overwhelming.

Joshua - Pt. 4: STand

This week, we are looking at a key moment in Joshua’s life, as Moses is passing the baton of leadership on to him. While it is a pivotal moment, it is rooted in a long-term relationship where Moses invested in Joshua, and Joshua learned from and served his mentor. May we all learn to invest, serve, and embrace the key relationships the Lord has placed in our life so we may be the people we are called to be in our generation. 

Joshua - Pt. 5: STep

In Sunday’s sermon, you’ll hear the incredible story of how God is providing a more permanent home for our local church body. As we explore Joshua chapters 3-5 there is much to learn about stepping into God’s promises! We pray you are blessed by this message and will join us in on-going prayer for this journey, praise for what God has done! May we all be prepared for radical obedience as we follow Him in the days ahead.

Joshua - Pt. 6: Success

Today we explore the story of the Fall of Jericho. God’s plan seems to defy logic, yet Joshua, the people of Israel, and Rahab all take big steps of faith as they trust God to deliver them. The true measure of success isn’t about getting the outcome we think is right; but walking in faith trusting God’s plan and timing no matter how foolish it may seem or we may look.

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