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I AM Part 1:

"The Burning Bush"

In the first sermon of a new series: “I AM”, Pastor Jake lays the groundwork for a 7-week discussion about the mission and identity of Jesus. As we look forward to the Christmas season, we will discuss the importance of who Christ is, and how his attributes should impact our daily lives. 

I AM Part 2:

"The Vine"

In part two of our discussion of the mission and identity of Christ, Pastor Jake discusses Jesus’ role as the Vine, his followers as the branches, and God as the vinedresser, and how Jesus’ love pouring into his followers is the true source of life. 

Part three of the “I AM” series discusses Jesus’ role as the resurrection and the life. Pastor Jake described the interaction between Martha and Jesus shortly after Lazarus died as well as the words that John sent to the church at Smyrna, and the life altering truth that comes from having a Savior that is the Resurrection and the Life.

In this fourth week of the series on the identity and mission of Christ, Jake discussed how Jesus is the bread of life. The church in Pergamum was compromising their standards to conform to their culture, but Jesus offered them a lasting gift that He still offers all who will accept!

In week 5 of this series on the mission and identity of Christ, Pastor Jake discussed Jesus' role as the light of the world. Just like the church in Thyatira, we live in a world full of darkness, but Jesus has the answer for us, and He wants us to step out of the darkness into His light. 

I AM Part 6:

"The Good Shepherd"

Part 6 of the series on Christ's mission and identity is a discussion of Jesus as the good shepherd. As his sheep, we are called to a nomadic life, but He promises to lead us if we will follow His voice.

I AM Part 7:

"The Door"

In week 7 of this series on the mission and identity of Christ, Pastor Jake teaches on the role of Jesus as The Door. Anyone who will enter by him is welcome, and when Jesus invites you into his kingdom, there is ultimate protection and glorious freedom.

Today we are wrapping up the “I AM” series where we have been exploring the identity & mission of Jesus through the eyes of the apostle John. In this week’s sermon we reflect on Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. If we will choose to make Him our King it will lead to an abundant and eternal life. However, if we aren’t careful, we can become like the church in Laodicea. We can find ourselves leading a bland and empty life when we settle for anything less than a real, vibrant relationship with the only One who holds all the keys.

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