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Godly Contentment

pt 1: "Settled or settling"

Today we kicked off a new series on godly contentment. Often we long to experience a sense of peace and satisfaction yet it seems elusive or short-lived. We read in the scripture that God offers us peace, yet it is often just a wish and not a true experience for many. The reality is that God’s gift of peace is available for us, if only we can face the idols we too often turn to for peace, and instead learn to receive it from Jesus. May we experience the grace and peace that He offers! 

Godly Contentment

pt 2: "At All Times"

This week as we continue our series on godly contentment we spend some time reflecting on Paul’s ministry to the Philippian church. May we find encouragement from his example to be strengthened by the Lord Jesus at all times, so that we may experience His peace in even the most difficult circumstances of life.

Godly Contentment

pt 3: "contentment through community"

In today’s message, we explore the vital role that church community plays in helping us grow in godly contentment. Being anchored in our identity in Christ is meant to produce peace in our hearts, and a place in God’s family. Though our relationships in church community can be messy and difficult at times, it’s exactly where God has placed us in order to learn to walk in peace. May we learn to rest in Jesus, and be refreshed by His family.

Godly Contentment
pt 4: "Joyful Generosity"

As we wrap up our series on contentment, we turn to one of the biggest sources of stress in our lives - our finances. Jesus invites us into a new way of living, that when properly understood and received from him will produce freedom and joy where there has previously been bondage and anxiety. May we find joy and satisfaction in the generosity of God.

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