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Faith - Part 1


We are called to walk by faith and not by sight. We sometimes believe that faith is an action that we have to initiate between us and God, but we need to remember that the first step of faith is recognizing that God has a plan for us. He is looking at us, ready to wrestle though our doubt and grow our faith through His abiding presence. 

Faith - Part 2

"vision for the journey"

In this series on Faith we are exploring how faith enables us to walk on our journey towards home. In today’s sermon we discuss the importance of having an aim in life, a vision of where we are heading. Thank God that He has given us His word and His presence to not only give us an aim, but also be our road map. The question before us today: Will we accept God’s Word by faith and let it be our ultimate guide in life?

Faith - Part 3

"Size Matters"

Too often, we get caught up in trying to achieve on our own, but Jesus told his disciples that they only needed the faith the size of a mustard seed to move mountains. God wants to include us in His great plans and all he asks is that we have faith that He will do what He promises. Mustard seed sized faith can grow if we are rooted and grounded in Christ.

Faith - Part 4


There are many giants that we face in our spiritual lives. We have the choice to turn and run from them like the Israelite army did from Goliath, or stand and fight like David. Through our daily battles, God prepares us, so when the real giants stand before us, we are ready to rely on Him and defeat those giants with the weapons He gives us and full confidence in His strength. 

Faith - Part 5

"FAITH TO Endure"

In our journey of faith, we will encounter difficulties as we navigate life in a broken world. In today’s sermon we take a look at the example of Moses to help guide us as we learn to have faith to endure even in the most difficult circumstances. 

Faith - Part 6

"FAITH for Today"

As Christ followers, we are given the gift of daily relationship, but too often, we are bogged down in the mundane. Jesus is ready and willing everyday to join us in the seemingly boring and annoying parts of our lives and wants to turn them into something great. Even when we have been neglecting Him for the petty insignificant parts of life, He takes us back and wants to be involved with us. Let us be aware of our inherent ability to settle and coast, and instead, embrace daily life with Him by our sides and make Him ever present in our thoughts.

Faith - Part 7

"FAITH for others"

In this series we have focused on the role that Faith plays in our daily walk with Jesus. We are all on a journey towards home. In today’s message we see that we are meant to help others along the way. Faith isn’t just about “my” journey; it’s “our” journey together. I’m called to provide hope, giving a helping hand, and invite outcasts into the love and presence of Jesus. So, who am I called to help lift up today?

Faith - Part 8


Perhaps the most controversial thing that Jesus did in His life on earth was to forgive the sins of others. It was the most powerful and important miracle he performed. He gave His disciples and us that power, but it takes faith and the Holy Spirit to forgive the way that Jesus forgave. Often, we feel that we deserve immediate forgiveness, but are slow to give it to others. Through faith, we are able to look like Jesus with the way that we give and receive forgiveness. 

Faith - Part 9

"FAITH to Love"

This week as we honor and celebrate our moms, we remember the life of Mary the mother of Jesus. As we explore some stories from her life, our hope is that we will be able to see a picture of the love of our perfect heavenly Father. Let’s have faith to believe in God’s love towards us, and then learn to love like He does!

Faith - Part 10

"faith that works"

Faith without works is dead, but we are justified by faith apart from works of the law. This Biblical paradox has divided and confused people for many years, but the woman who touched the hem of Jesus garment and was healed teaches us that faith calls us to action, but actions do not save us. When faith is striving and based on human effort, it’s wrong; faith is a gift, and He is inviting us to participate with Him in the journey.

Faith - Part 11

"faith over fear"

As we wrap up our series on Faith this week, we tackle the difficult obstacles that fear presents in our journey of faith. Reality and our perception of reality have a huge impact on how we view the challenges we face, and a broken view of reality can cause crippling fear in our lives. But Jesus offers us freedom and victory over fear as we learn to fear God, surrender to Him as King, and open our hearts to receive all His kingdom offers. 

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