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Devoted - pt 1: "Are you Sure?"

This week Pastor Jake kicks off a new series on the life of Daniel. Let’s resolve ourselves to learn from his example of devotion even when living in the midst of the most difficult circumstances surrounded by an ungodly culture. 

Devoted - pt 2: "A Challenging Invitation"

In today’s message, we take a look at Daniel’s first steps toward remaining devoted to the Lord, which is in stark contrast to the world around him. The challenges he faces are immense, but the invitation to remain faithful comes with its own unique rewards. May we all consider the challenges we face when choosing a life of faithful devotion, and respond with a committed yes to the Lord’s invitation!

Devoted - pt 3: "what do you see"

In Part 3 of our series, we explore the impact that devotion to God has on our perception of what’s taking place around us. God is calling us to shift our focus to Him, and through prayer we can do just that. As we develop real intimacy with God by spending consistent time with Him, we learn to hear His voice and gain insight into even the most difficult circumstances of life. 

Devoted - pt 4: "what do you Worship"

We continue in our series today by exploring the story of Daniel’s friends and the fiery furnace. Let’s pray for clarity to recognize the idols we worship, for the courage to take a stand for our true King only, and for help that we may be saved and purified in the midst of the fiery trials we are sure to face. 

Devoted - pt 5: "The Mad King"

The book of Daniel is an incredible story of faith and self-control by God’s devoted servant Daniel and his friends, but there is another person’s story woven through the book. The story of God’s pursuit of Nebuchadnezzar is filled with reminders and lessons for our lives; reminders of how no one is exempt from God’s perfect judgment or His unending mercy.

Devoted - pt 6: "Character in crisis"

Today we look at the story of the “writing on the wall” found in Daniel Chapter 5. Daniel finds himself in the midst of a kingdom that is falling apart. Daniel stands out in his response to this crisis situation - he neither ignores the problem by getting caught up in distractions nor does he panic and become devastated in the midst of the storm. Instead, Daniel trusts God and remains faithful during this time of great upheaval. May we learn from Daniel’s godly example how we too can navigate life in the midst of inevitable times of crisis and turmoil. 

Devoted - pt 7: "A Legacy of Devotion"

Daniel’s devotion to God was his defining feature. It was such a part of who he was that his enemies knew it would be the best way to trap him. By choosing to cultivate a life that was committed to God, Daniel was able to enter the lion’s den without fear. He was also able to tame his tongue and use it to pray and praise God. Daniel chose to entrust his life to God and was rescued through adversity and danger.

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