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Built Together - Pt. 1

This Sunday, Pastor Jake kicked off a new series exploring how we can participate in the church God is building. It is primary to remember that God is the true builder. Our role is to recognize that, and then humbly submit to His plan, and cooperate with the work He wants to do. The actual church is the people of God, not a building. Therefore, it's vital that we continue to recognize this and grow into who God is calling us to be as individuals, as a local church, and as participants in the Church in Knoxville and beyond.

Built Together - Pt. 2: Our Heart

This week we explored how important it is as the body of Christ to have our hearts aligned with the Lord and each other. The primary way we can grow in this is to be a worshipping community. We are called to worship God sacrificially with our whole heart for who He really is. The bi-product of this kind of worship produces renewal in our lives individually, and unites us in community centered around the purposes of Jesus and a growing love for the family of God.

Built Together - Pt. 3: Our Nature

This week we explored several key aspects of how the Bible describes the church community. We need to understand our nature as the church and live out this truth. It gives us clear direction on how to live in relation to our Father in heaven, and with one another. We are an interconnected body, a building that needs the structure and support of constant gathering, a family that gives us a place of love and relationship, a flock that receives care, nurture, and support from one another and ultimately from the Good Shepherd.

Built Together - Pt. 4: Our Joy

Building a community of believers is an endeavor that can feel intimidating at first glance. There is some difficulty that can come when people are doing life together. However, John 15 tells us that there is great joy when we love each other well. As we are moving towards our new physical building, let us also work to build a community that enjoys the gifts of diversity, love, and perseverance, working to outdo one another in showing honor. 

Built Together - Pt. 5: Our Healing

In this week’s sermon, we spent time reflecting on the healing that comes when we live in awareness of the other members of the body of Christ and choose to cooperate with the work Jesus is doing to restore his body. In Romans 12:12-18 Paul gives us a very practical application for how we can love well through our contributions, hospitality, and actively sharing in the lives of others. Let’s purpose to live in full awareness of the body of Christ, and love each other well.

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