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Advent - A journey of Hope
Week 1: Hope

This week we began the Advent season focused on the Hope we have in Jesus. The hope that is offered by the Lord is meant to comfort us, give us a clear path forward, and remind us to rely on Him and His promises not our own strength. May we find hope in this season, and be intentional to encourage one another by sharing the hope we have been given. 

Advent | A journey of Hope
Week 2: Faith

This week, we take a journey through the lives of several characters from the Advent story: Joseph, Simeon & Anna, Mary and the Wise Men. We see how, in each of their stories, faith was absolutely central to their discovery of the Messiah.

Advent | A journey of Hope
Week 3: An Outfielder's Joy

In week 3 of our Advent series, we spend some time meditating on Luke 2:8-20 as the shepherds receive good tidings of great joy. As we explore the gift and power of joy, let’s pause to consider what the Lord has made known to us, so we may in turn make known the joy of our salvation to others. 

Advent | A journey of Hope
Week 4: Peace

In week 4 of our Advent series, we explore the incredible gift of peace that is available to us in the person of Jesus. Peace isn’t the absence of conflict or difficulty, but the presence of Jesus bringing freedom from inner turmoil by setting us at one in him. May we all learn to hold our peace, as we are prepared in advance for the trials to come, sustained amid the storm, and set at peace as we walk forward in freedom.

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