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Hearing the Voice of God - Pt. 1

Hearing God’s voice can seem intimidating, “out there” and reserved for mystics and spiritual leaders. And yet our Creator designed each of us for a communal relationship with him. He calls each of us by name and desires to speak into our lives in a deeply personal and intimate way. In this teaching, we explore what it means to answer His call and make space to commune with our heavenly Father. 

Hearing the Voice of God - Pt. 2

God wants to speak to each of us. Relationship with us is His desire, and so He can use many ways to communicate. Through the story of Jesus’ conception, we are able to see some of the ways that He communicated with Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and others. He still wants to speak to us in similar ways, but we must use discernment, and His Word, and be actively seeking His voice in order to receive the messages He wants to send us.

Hearing the Voice of God - Pt. 3

In this week’s sermon on Hearing God’s voice, we focus on the need to cultivate a responsive heart. As we see in the story of Peter and Cornelius found in Acts 10 - awareness and obedience are essential to hearing God’s voice and seeing the fruit of His work in and through our lives. May we purpose to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, and discover the joy of a vibrant relationship with God!

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