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The Grace of God - Pt. 1

In today’s sermon, we begin a month-long exploration of the “immeasurable riches” of God’s Grace. As we examine Paul’s personal letter to Philemon, we have a powerful picture of how grace operates - inviting all of us into reconciled relationships with God and one another. May we all recognize, respond and grow in the gift of God’s grace. 

The Grace of God - Pt. 2

In Part 2 of our series, we consider the action of God’s Grace to pour out undeserved love and favor in our lives. Through the powerful interaction, we find in chapter 8 of John’s Gospel, we see the grace of Jesus on display as he calms the chaos, disarms the enemy, and extends true freedom for all who will receive him. 

The Grace of God - Pt. 3

As limited earthly beings, it is easy to let our view of our earthly father translate into our view of our Father God. However, Abba Father is our perfect heavenly Father, and if we can let go of the small and limiting box that we try to force Him into, he has so much that He wants to pour out onto us. He wants to free us from the loneliness of being orphans and the shackles of being spiritual slaves into the glory of being His sons and daughters and co-heirs with Jesus.

The Grace of God - Pt. 4

This week we wrap up our series on God’s Grace by considering the power that His grace brings in our lives. God’s gracious power is at work by giving us a new identity and destiny, strengthening us in all circumstances, and pouring out His gifts in our lives. While there will always be opposition to God’s Grace, let’s remember that where Grace is, there is power!

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