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THe Church in Acts - Pt. 1

Today we are excited to start a new series titled, “The Church in Acts”. When we look back to its origin we see that, from the very beginning, there was a very clear mission for the early church. We also see that there was s very clear message they were to carry to the rest of the world. All of this, powered by the Holy Spirit, is what we are being called into today as Christ followers. We must understand our roots and commit ourselves to this ministry!

THe Church in Acts - Pt. 3

In the Old Testament, the presence of God dwelled in places built by humans who were given very specific instructions by God. His temple was sacred and holy and could only be entered by a select few people who had to go through very particular and detailed instructions to bring sacrifices on behalf of the people. However, that was never the way we were created to know God. He always intended his people to be in intimate fellowship with Him. When Jesus came and died, the veil in the temple was torn allowing us to have access to God the Father through the Holy Spirit, and Jesus did the work of creating that sacred space so that we can enter His presence at any time or place. This amazing gift allows us to carry His presence with us, to bear his likeness, and to wield His power in ways that we cannot even ask or imagine.

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