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RElationships- Pt. 1

Relationships are an essential part of the life of a disciple of Jesus. He prioritized people, and so should we. As we learn to walk in healthy relationships, there are many challenges along the way and much room for needed growth! Thank God that he has given us grace, invited us into humility, and pours out his love so that we may learn to love one another well. 

RElationships- Pt. 2

Today, we are continuing our series on Relationships, specifically focusing on several more pillars for healthy relationships. We will explore the importance of generosity, faithfulness, honor, and blessing as we learn to love one another. May we ultimate honor God as we learn to treat his image bearers well.

RElationships- Pt. 3

In this week’s sermon, we discuss the vital role of living “in Christ” so that we can truly experience healthy relationships. Through the power of Jesus, we are able to live free of our broken demands to find deep fulfillment and have all our desires met in our relationships with each other. Instead, He empowers us to love sacrificially, to find freedom through submission, and to live out committed God-centered relationships. 

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