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Purpose, Passion, and Gifts - Pt. 1

Follow your heart, chase your dreams, live your truth… these are all mantras that the world encourages us to live by, and they all sound very tempting, but what does the Bible tell us about finding purpose for our lives? God designed each of us with a unique purpose and gifting, and he desires for us to walk in that purpose. However, it is not found in adventure or within our hearts, that purpose is found in him. He created you with great intention and care, and his plans for you are greater than what you could ever plan for yourself.

Purpose, Passion, and Gifts - Pt. 2

God wants to give us spiritual gifts out of His great love for us so that the church can be strengthened and His Kingdom can be advanced. In today’s sermon, we discuss how important it is to be grounded in love so that we can live with purpose and do the work God has uniquely called and gifted us to do. May we all be open to the gift of the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives, and use the gifts He has given, so that we can love other’s well and bring glory to God.

Purpose, Passion, and Gifts - Pt. 3

This Sunday we had the privilege of hearing from Pastor Dave Buehring as he shared on how we can discover and use the gifts God has given us. We also had a great discussion as Pastor Dave created an opportunity for some Q&A related to walking in the gifts of the Spirit.

Purpose, Passion, and Gifts - Pt. 4

The gifts from the Holy Spirit seem shrouded in mystery and can be very intimidating. They can also carry scars from people misusing them. However, they are not meant to be a burden, they are truly gifts from God. These gifts are meant to be used to help us as believers to love God and love others well, but it is vitally important that we search scripture to ensure that they are used properly and the way that the creator intended them.

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