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Knowing God - Pt 1 

Today we look at what it is to know God on a personal level and how to resist the lies of the enemy as we pursue intimacy and union with God the Father.

Knowing God - Pt 2 

Today we are joined by Bob Spencer and look at knowing God in the scriptures. God is in the scriptures and He wants to reveal himself through the Word and for us to experience Him. 

Knowing God - Pt 3 

The depths of the knowledge of who our God is are something that our earthly minds cannot understand. However, He invites us to explore His many attributes, to partake in who He is, and grow who we are by understanding Him a little more each day.  Aligning who we are with God’s character, takes effort and intention, but the rewards enrich our lives in ways that are beyond what we can ask or even imagine.

Knowing God - Pt 4 

This week we had the privilege of hearing from our friend, Pastor Dave Buehring. Often, as followers of Jesus, we have learned how to love, worship, obey and serve God, but we don’t know simply how to enjoy Him. We hope you will be blessed and encouraged by this message as Pastor Dave shares some practical ways we can learn to enjoy God.

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