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The Cross, Sin, and Repentance - Pt. 1

It can be easy to cast judgment on Adam and Eve when reading the story of the Garden of Eden. We act shocked that Eve was so easily tempted and quick to follow the guidance of the serpent, but what we should realize is that we fall into sin and temptations in the exact same ways. The enemy uses seeds of unbelief, which leads to pride, and ultimately disobedience. However, Jesus’ ride through the streets on Palm Sunday was an invitation from a humble king to lay down our pride, restore our relationship with Him, and live in the freedom and joy of His love.

The Cross, Sin, and Repentance - Pt. 3

Most people who have spent time in church know the story of Zacchaeus and maybe even the song, but the story of Zacchaeus tells us a deeper story of repentance and acceptance by a man who was considered deeply flawed by his peers. Jesus was not ashamed to dine with Zacchaeus, in fact, He openly exclaimed his excitement in front of a crowd, and in return, Zacchaeus eagerly offered to restore anyone he had wronged in the past. Jesus’ love and forgiveness should motivate us to joyfully repent and restore our earthy relationships just as He restores and forgives us.

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