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A Call to Discipleship - Pt 1.

This week we launched into the next section in our discipleship journey - exploring the all-important topic of Jesus’ call to discipleship. Being a disciple is about becoming like our master in character and purpose. There are unique conditions involved in that relationship, that come with great cost, but ultimately result in life-giving characteristics in our lives. May we all count the cost, and answer the call to be disciples of Jesus! 

A Call to Discipleship - Pt 2.

Forgiveness is costly. The ability to forgive and receive forgiveness can feel inconceivable when we are wounded or feel like we haven’t done anything to need forgiveness, but if we are looking to Christ as our example, then we must look at how He forgave. Even while he was suffering on the cross, Jesus looked at the faces of those betraying him and forgave them. How different would our churches, families, and friendships be if we forgave wholeheartedly like that? True forgiveness is costly, but Jesus paid the ultimate price so that we can forgive freely.

A Call to Discipleship - Pt 3.

To walk in obedience can sound or feel restrictive at first glance. As humans with sinful natures, we want to control our lives and choices, but as Christians, we are invited to the life that God has for us. He wants to grow and stretch us in ways that will enrich and enhance our lives, but part of that journey includes active obedience to Him. If we can separate obedience from legalism and its negative connotations, we can be opened up to walk in the freedom of the joy, peace and, countless other blessings He has in store for our lives.

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